From the Chairman’s Desk

pisIt is an absolute and privilege to be associated with a school that epitomizes merit and quality and has tirelessly worked to set unmatched benchmarks in the Indian educational sector over the years. The school with its unparalleled focus has become the alma mater which all alumni look back to with memories that last a lifetime. The school is strongly committed to give our motherland many doctors, engineers, professionals, brave and distinguished military personnel and leaders in other diverse fields of life.

The school has been my raison d’etre for the last 12 years. All these years of association with this prestigious institution has been an emotional journey of great learning for me. I am dedicated not only to uphold the immaculate image and values, but also to set new benchmarks over the years we have been to bring the sense of knowledge, dynamism, consciousness, tolerance and sustained commitment in our aspirants. I am proud to have a highly skilled and trained teaching staff who is committed to impart supreme educational services.

I along with my team of dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff, am determined to raise high the standards of education to the Zenith.

(G.L. Kaler )