Students should arrive at school at least 5 minutes before the first bell rings. Students arriving late will not be permitted inside the school premises.

             At the sound of the 1st bell all children should go to their respective class rooms or the assembly ground as the case may be.

             If the teacher does not arrive in the class within two minutes, after the bell for a period to commence has                rung, the class monitor should report the fact to the Principal/Director.

             The diary should be brought to the school every day and even on examination days.

             All students must be habitually clean and neatly dressed.

             The School Uniform is to be worn on regular working days, examination days and all school function. The child who is not properly dressed may be sent back home.

             Any damage to school property can expel the student from the institute and must be made good of it.

             Every student is expected to keep up the high tone of the school excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness both in and out of school.

             Cell phones and other instruments of communication are strictly not allowed in the school premises.

What is Expected from Prince International School Students?

             They should take good care of their health and keep robust and strong.

             They should always be friendly with others in and out of school.

             They should avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.

             They should accept whatever work is assigned to them as their rightful share.

             They should always be ready to lend a helping hand at home to their parents, brothers and sisters; in school to teachers and companions and unattended visitor they happen to meet on the school    premises.

             They should rise when a teacher or visitor comes to talk to them.

             They should never cheat or be unfair at work or at play. Any child found cheating or using unfair means in the exams will not be allowed to take the exams and may also be expelled from the school.

             They should be truthful, whatever be the cost.

             They should never be cruel. They should know that cruelty is the trait of the bully, while kindness is the                 mark of a good human being.

             They should respect the liberty and the rights of others.

             They should respect the decorum of the class-room and of the school premises, and report and damages they may observe.

             They should never hesitate to say “No” when asked or tempted to do a thing which they know to be wrong.