Withdrawal Policy and Procedures

Prince International School 's Withdrawal Policy is fair and reasonable that allows the students to withdraw from the School, as well as for the School to withdraw students in accordance to the Expulsion Policy and Fee Payment Policy. The withdrawal policy outlines the various types of withdrawal situations and the refund eligibility. In addition, it also states the time taken to process withdrawal requests. The withdrawal process is aligned with the policy ensuring that all withdrawal requests are processed effectively and efficiently.


  • A clear calendar month’s notice or a month’s fee in lieu of the notice is to be paid before a student is withdrawn.
  • In all cases, except at the end of the Grade 12, a calendar month’s notice must be given before a student is withdrawn. Failure to provide the requisite notice will result in payment (or become adjustable against any balance with the School) of Fees for the full succeeding month. Exception may be made in case of a sudden transfer of government or military personnel.
  • Those who leave the school in the month of May must in all cases pay the fee for the month of June.
  • TC will not be issued until all dues are settled.


Once the student has applied for the admission and the student is successful and selected in the admission test, after paying the fees within due time limit, the school confirms the admission of the child. In case the child withdraws his/her admission and doesn’t join the school, no refund of fees is possible. Any refund if applicable will be done after completion of withdrawal application and formalities.

  • Notice of withdrawal must be given within 30 days of the last date of the term just completed.
  • If a Student is withdrawn once the term has started, no refund of fees is possible.