Where Lifelong Learning Begins.....

Prince International SchoolThe goal of Prince International School, Jhunjhunu is to help the child in his/her all round development, provide sound school training keeping with the Indian Culture and tradition in a secular atmosphere. The pre-primary curriculum is essentially an activity based or skill oriented curriculum, the basic component being activity aimed at creating joy and happiness in acquiring basic learning skills.

At PIS we realize the importance of Education in shaping not only an individual’s life but also in moulding nation’s destiny.  We strongly feel that education should not only equip one with skills to earn his bread and butter but also focus on human values that ultimately leads to character building of an  individual. To ensure that our students are more equipped to face any challenge, we have focused on special subjects like disaster management, first aid and health education, traffic rules, social responsibilities, environmental studies, fire prevention, soft skills, leadership skills, career planning and development.

The curriculum of Prince International School endeavor overall development of a child. Our institution has become apparent for an education system that aims to inculcate conviction, vigor, values and wisdom among the students through a systematic way of learning. This not only encourages positive characteristics but also promotes respect, creativity, co-operation and sense of responsibility among the students. The curriculum not only gives the essential physical, social and academic skills but also strengthens the students to face the challenges of the real world.