Our School Facilities


Education is meant to prepare the citizens of tomorrow and these future citizens take up their careers under the guidance of learned teachers according to the aptitude and flair they possess. The students of nursery classes are educated in an informal way through play-way method, with the help of modern aids to develop their latent skills to help them bloom into self reliant individuals. We are lucky to have a fabulous Nursery to Prep. class at Prince International School.  The children have their own large outdoor area and access to the early years playground where they can play with both small and large play equipment including bikes and scooters which they love. Our Nursery is run by qualified NTT Teachers  and Nursery Nurses who are specialized in the education of young children. They understand how under fives learn and provide play based activities which are differentiated  to extend the learning opportunities for all children in a fun and relaxed way. The children share outdoor space and assembly times with the reception children enabling them to make friends with children in the year above. We run ‘Little Prince’ session the term before your child starts Nursery where you can come and play with your child and experience a variety of activities in our fantastic early years era.




Communication plays a major and ideal role in the modern era. All education is futile without development of proper communication skills. There are numerous opportunities offered at Prince International School to develop these important  skills among them.

Teaching and learning specially in Primary Section focuses on imaginative play and creative development. An important part of the development of all your children is their ability to represent and interpret their knowledge of the world in different ways. This achieved through drawing and painting making three dimensional models, singing, dancing and pretend play.



Specially designed classrooms with colourful furniture, make a happy and cheerful learning environment for the students. The use of worksheets, along with the textbooks makes sure that lessons are taught innovatively to leave a lasting impression. The use of audio-visual aids such as OHP, LCD and touch board with smart learn class makes the lessons come alive for the students lucidly. Numerous, activities are pursued by the students under the able guidance of trained members of the staff including yoga, music, dance, karate, taekwondo, art and craft. Regular inter-house, inter branch and inter school competitions help to build the confidence of the students and widen their perspective.


Games  and sports are very essential in the arena of education. They help the students to keep their body fit and fine. The aspirants are provided outdoor and indoor games as football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, Badminton, Table-Tennis, hand ball, Gymnastics, Yoga, Chess and Athletics. Expert coaches instruct and guide the students.



A well -equipped computer lab and mobile computers have helped knowledge to go beyond the confines of the class rooms. As a matter of fact we maintain a high level of computerization. Compulsory computer education with multimedia, internet access is provided to the students enabling them to be at par with the education Technology of International standards. In tune with the times, the school takes special care to offer computer classes to all students. The interest of students sustained by Audio-Visual Presentation.



The school has got well maintained fleet of 40 buses  and bus service is available in the radius of 35 km. The students get in the buses from the pick up points. Own school buses are used for tours and excursions.




Activities are very essential for the students to develop their various skills. They develop the qualities of sportsmanship, co-ordination and leadership. For this cause we provide a variety of well planned activities round the year. Their imagination and creativity are evoked through collage making, tower building jigsaw puzzles etc. We have an excellent team of diligent committed and friendly  teachers. We conduct  various seminars,  workshops and guest lectures to enhance their professional competence and to develop and update their teaching  techniques.



Clubs are indispensable to provide a healthy and progressive environment to the students. The school has designed and created different types of clubs to facilitate the students to develop an effective and impressive personality and also for tapping their area of interest and latent abilities. The school provides the following clubs :  Sports Club, Personality Development Club, Literary Club and Cultural Club.



The library houses a wide variety of books and journals. The aspirants are provided different types of books from the library. It is a store house of information related to text books and beyond. Its aim to sharpen reading skill of the students. Renowned works of fiction, classics, self help, book, science and technology, periodicals, journals related to history, culture, exploration along with selected locals and national dailies are available in the library