Yoga and Sports



PIS lays great stress on the physical development of children. Half an hour in the morning is set apart for P.T./Yoga for which there are NIS trained coaches. The tradition of ‘Yoga’ initiated by the ancient rishis is followed in PIS to perpetuate the ‘sanskaras’ of our ancestors. These sessions which focus on the spiritual and health aspects help the students to improve their academic skills as well. Excellence in sports activities also gets enhanced due to Yoga techniques. Improved immunity and concentration accelerate the performance.


These sessions are conducted early in the morning for thirty minutes at around 6 a.m. as the first activity in order to have a positive and healthy beginning to the day. Experts in yoga conduct the sessions separately for boys and girls.


Football, basketball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, handball, kabaddi, kho–kho, skating and athletics are regularly played on the campus. One badminton courts of international standards, two TT tables and a skating rink also have their place on campus. Children also play carom and chess. Another play field for cricket (with a pitch of international standards) and athletics has also been added. The PIS flag flies high at many district/division/state events. The school has won numerous medals and trophies in various sports areas at district, state as well as national levels. The annual sports day witnesses keen competition in various games and athletics.